There are just about as many remedies for toenail fungus as there are claims to treat it permanently. Truly there are so many! Everyone has methods they swear by, or treatments their parents or grandparents have used, but we’ll let you in on a little secret, these aren’t effective!

The only effective treatment for reoccurring toenail fungal infections is to use Dr. Wu Chang’s Fungus Key Pro methods, which are 100% safe and easy to follow, this publication will change your life with facts that have never been published or shared outside of Vietnam. So successful in fact, this publication has already shared across the world in record-breaking quantities, about 150,000! Check it out at: Fungus Key Pro

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Now, you can get to the root of this infection and figure out why you have it, where it came from, and what to do about it. Dr. Chang is a huge believer that Mother Nature has naturally provided all the necessary tools and equipment that we need to fight this ongoing battle.

Now patients are seeing relief and improvement after only a few days, and it is 100% natural and non-toxic. You do not have to invest in expensive laser sessions, or messy topical solutions that you must reapply that are only about 25% effective anyway.

If you are dead set on finding a natural cure for your onychomycosis, we have a few suggestions that you can try, but keep in mind they are only going to be about 25% effective. We have high respect and always search for 100% natural and chemical free treatments for any ailment, just because we have children.

With little one’s running around your house, you never know what they can get into when you’re not looking. What if they think an anti-fungal spray is like the perfume that mommy sprays herself with every morning? They could possibly think that the fungus spray is mom’s perfume and spray it all over their bodies! Can you imagine all those chemicals they would inhale from doing that?

One natural method you can try is to take one drink of coconut oil daily, and along with that, eat antifungal fruits that will help with your immune system from inside your body. These foods can include pears, bananas, or apples. These are the best to take, but you can experiment with other fruits or veggies you feel would work best for you.

Another thing you most definitely want to do is reduce unhealthy sugar intake. That will include white bread, candy, pop (or soda), alcohol, etc. We all know that alcohol has sugar in it, right? This sugar is promoted as yeast, and having high levels of yeast in your body already will not help anything when you come in contact with the dermatophyte which causes foot fungus.

See the connection there? Avoid sugary foods and drinks! This is good practice overall for a healthy lifestyle, period. All of us can do with less sugar coursing through our bodies.

Now, the second part of treatment involves treating your nail fungus externally or directly on top of your nail. What you need to do is first trim and file down your infected nail as low as possible without hurting yourself. After you trim it down, the second thing you want to do is apply a cotton ball on top of the nailbed to soak.

You can use either coconut oil or hydrogen peroxide and then place it over top of your nail and secure it in place with a band aid. You want the cotton ball to be thoroughly wet so that it will penetrate your thick nails with the oil or peroxide. Repeat this process every day and leave it on for the entire time. It will not hurt nor will it affect your daily life in anyway.

Third, you can try direct exposure to sunlight. What you want to do is expose your nails to as much sunlight as possible. You can try sitting in the sun for a while, or if you can brave the world just wear flip-flops or open-toed shoes. If people look, let them look. You are working towards healthy nails, so it doesn’t matter what they think.

When you use these treatments in sync, you will possibly see a cure rate in 6 to 12 months. Not that great, but still, these are natural products and treatments, so you will not be exposing your body to chemicals or poisonous products. If you want a fast and easy treatment plan, search the web for Dr. Chang’s Fungus Key Pro publication. You will not be disappointed.

Our Top Pick For Treating Nail Fungus

No more disgusting toenails with this treatment!

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