For years, people have struggled with an ugly, embarrassing problem called toenail fungus. It doesn’t mean that you neglect your body and health in any way at all! What it does mean is that you have contracted the virus that creates toenail fungus.

You probably got it by stepping somewhere that the fungus lives, such as shower rooms, locker rooms, pools, or any place that is warm and damp and isn’t cleaned thoroughly. Fungus is extremely contagious, so it’s very difficult for it not to spread to other areas of your body.

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Usually, this is an invisible infection that will enter your feet and toenails through cuts in your skin or cracks in your toenails. Home treatments are plentiful; you can search the web for hours just reading about different methods people use to cure their nail fungus.

However, what they don’t tell you is that home treatments are only about 25% effective, and will only last if you kill the fungus in every other area that your feet have touched at the same time. Imagine the madness of working hard to kill the infection on your feet, only to step in an area you haven’t sanitized.

Or eradicating the fungus on the floors only to put your feet right back into your contaminated shoes or socks! This leads to many reoccurring toenail infections, and will drive people crazy trying to solve this problem forever.

Introducing Fungus Key Pro, a home treatment publication will change the way you look at treating toenail fungus forever. Dr. Wu Chang has spent years treating soldiers in the jungles of Vietnam, working hard to educate and inform them of various ways to kill the nail fungus and keep it away forever.

Yes, forever! His methods are 100% natural, and will let you finally feel the confidence of showing off your perfect, regular toenails, without trying to hide them inside shoes, socks, or boots.

As we mentioned, home treatments are vast and many people swear by the methods their parents or grandparents have used for years. The question is, if they’ve been using the same methods for years, are they working at killing the nail fungus? Probably not, but I’m going to outline some of them for you, and if they work and you feel confident once again, that’s wonderful.

Please remember however, you must treat from the inside out, meaning you should treat the conditions inside your body that promote this fungus to grow and multiply.

First, you must trim and cut your infected nails as short as possible. Then, you want to soak your toes and feet in a mixture of 2 parts vinegar and 1 part baking soda for 15 minutes every day. This will help to bubble up the solution and promote healthy cells to rise to the surface of your nail. You can also try to soak a cotton ball in this solution and hold it in place with a Band-Aid or other secure wrapping if you need to keep moving about.

Also, you must thoroughly clean the shoes you have been wearing and the socks you use every day. Wash and dry them on the highest heat setting possible, and this will kill the yeast or the infection that is already present. If you kill it on your toes, only to put your feet back into infected socks and shoes, you must start all over again.

Other toenail fungus remedies include using baking soda, tea tree essential oils, cornmeal, and even coconut oil to treat the symptoms and kill the fungus. These have all been used as home treatments for people who suffer from toenail fungus.

After all, what is better than to cure any kind of infection than with something in your pantry or cupboards, right? NO! This is not how you want to approach something as serious as an infection! Do you want your nails to fall off and still have fungus on your toes? The answer is no! Luckily, Dr. Chang has finally made available his Fungus Key Pro publications to the public for the first time.

These include treatments such as a “Strength Strategy” method in which your immune system receives a supercharge from natural and safe methods, which will provide a boost and promote a recovery process that you can instantly feel.

They include superfoods that have high amounts of antioxidants and three other products that are listed in the publication. Why wait to try a method of treatment that over 150,000 people have already had so much success with? Try it today and never look at your ugly, embarrassing toenails again!

Our Top Pick For Treating Nail Fungus

No more disgusting toenails with this treatment!

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